Wearing the correct uniform is mandatory for all the students at Transylvania College. It helps them develop a stronger team spirit and feel proud that they are part of the school community.

The School Uniform Includes

  • White, long or short sleeve buttoned-up shirt, or white long/short sleeve T-shirt with collar (Green T-Shirt with collar for kindergarten, Foundation and Reception)
  • Green sweater or vest with school logo
  • Black blazer with school logo
  • Green & Grey striped school tie (except for Year 12 and Year 13 who wear distinctive ties, and for Lower Primary, up to Year 3/Grade 2 who don't need to wear ties)
  • Dark grey, tailored trousers for boys. No checkered fabrics or patterns allowed.
  • Dark grey trousers, or grey school skirt of an appropriate length (knee-length) for girls
  • Ankle length white, grey or black socks for girls; black or grey plain tights
  • Black or grey socks for boys
  • Black shoes

The Physical Education Kit Includes

  • green T-shirt with the school logo, OR house T-shirt with the school logo
  • plain black tracksuit trousers or plain black shorts (plain black leggings are acceptable for girls). Please note: black trousers or leggings with stripes, large logos or patterns are not acceptable.
  • sports shoes (clean indoor shoes during winter, different than the regular school shoes).

Important information

Uniform items, as well as PE T-Shirts and House T-Shirts are available for purchase in the school shop.

Please check the uniform policy for alignment.