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The Work Experience Programme

Developing strong ties with the business world is one of our priorities. With the support of our partners, we can implement ambitious, innovative projects for our students and effectively prepare them for the careers of the future.

The Work Experience Programme offered at Transylvania College aims to give students the opportunity to experience the world of work in a professional field that interests them while they are still in school. During high school, our students choose the subjects they want to study according to the professional path they wish to follow at university and for their career. The role of the Work Experience Programme is to help our students make informed decisions about their future professional path. The programme gives students the chance to explore industries beyond theoretical knowledge and to discover professional specialties and jobs, some of which they never knew existed, in order to figure out what sort of work environment suits them best.

Why Is It Important for Our Students to Complete Work Experience?

Work experience complements the community service programme carried out in school. In addition to helping our students acquire key skills for their personal development, both programmes add great value to each student’s personal portfolio, which is required when applying for admission at top universities in the world.

How Do Placements Benefit Students?


Grow their skills and confidence:

Placements are a quick and powerful way for students to build on the skills they’ve learned inside and outside of the classroom. They might be playing a part on a team, where they’ll need to pick up a task quickly and use their initiative. They could be learning how to use new software, or helping to organize an event, or managing a series of calendar appointments. Placements also grow students’ confidence, helping them to quickly adapt to working with new people and in new environments.


Strengthen students’ applications:

By taking part in placements, students not only gain the skills and knowledge to catapult them into work, but through the experience alone, they’ll make better applications. A CV or application that includes evidence of a work placement is impressive, as it shows the student’s commitment to growth and learning. And if they can show how it’s relevant to their future career, it will also show dedication to their next step.


Prepare them for the world of work:

On a placement, students may work with people of different ages and backgrounds than they've previously connected with. They’ll get a sense of what’s expected at work, from turning up on time and communicating promptly to understanding what’s appropriate to wear and what a longer day than they’re used to might look like.


Help students figure out their next steps:

Maybe a student took up work experience in a cafe and realised they love customer service, or they worked on a construction site and discovered the noise wasn’t for them. Placements help students figure out what they like and dislike in a work environment—drastically reducing their chances of becoming NEET (not in education, employment, or training), as mentioned above.


Get Them Networking:

Once students have completed their placements, we encourage them to follow up with a thank you and express interest in future opportunities if they found the experience beneficial. This way, they’ve made a professional connection and have had more practice sending professional emails, which will give them more confidence to reach out to other employers when the time comes.

How Is the Programme Organized?

In early spring, with the assistance of the university and career orientation platform Unifrog, and with the support of their tutors and the University Admissions Counselor, our students are asked to express their interest in a particular professional field. Throughout the years, students have accessed, through Work Experience, a diverse range of domains such as architecture, arts, astronomy, biochemistry, business management, dentistry, design and others.

The actual programme takes place in June, before the end of the school year when students from year 10, year 11, and year 12 participate in two weeks of work experience. Our students are required to complete work experience throughout the first three years of high school in order to meet the requirements to receive the Transylvania College Diploma. The Work Experience programme is organised by the programme’s coordinating team, together with tutors, students and parents, and in partnership with local companies, organisations, agencies, and freelance professionals.

Matching Students With Companies and Organisations

We match the students' interests with the companies and organisations that have partnered with us throughout the years, and we continuously work on finding partners in as many fields as possible.

Meanwhile, we also encourage our students to be proactive and secure their own internship locally, abroad, or even within their own family businesses. We are very proud of their success!

Goals That Our Students Want to Achieve During Their Placement:

Develop the necessary skills and confidence to pursue a career in the chosen industry;

Understand the industry’s specific norms and regulations;

Determine if a future career in this industry is a good fit;

Access mentors and observe professionals in the field

Put into practice the concepts they've learned in school;

Acquire specific soft and technical skills.

Student Testimonials

Based on the testimonials of the students who have participated in the programme for the past 10 years, completing work experience greatly assists in confirming their academic subject choices, providing clarity regarding the best fit for their university path, and aligning with their long-term career goals. Internships offer the chance to work directly with experienced professionals, facilitating hands-on experience and the development of professional skills even before attending university or entering the job market.

Thanks to all of our partners

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the independent professionals and companies who have dedicated their time, resources, and expertise to mentor our students. The companies mentioned below have provided internships specifically tailored to our students for several years. We are deeply thankful to them and all our partners, those who have been with us throughout the years and those just joining our programme this year!