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High school students require an environment that fosters autonomy, attachment security, a strong sense of identity, freedom of self-expression, healthy boundaries, learning skills, self-awareness, and life skills. This is achieved through empowering them to make choices, providing a safe and predictable environment, validating their efforts, allowing them to pursue their passions, respecting their individual paths, enforcing limits with kindness, promoting independent work habits, nurturing emotional and social-emotional skills, guiding them in developing entrepreneurial skills, critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and assertiveness through experiential learning and mentorship.

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in 2024

Year 9 and Grade 8 as a Foundation Year for High School

The students from grade 8, Romanian line, will still complete their National Evaluation and they will still be able to apply for admission to any high school in Romania, if they so choose. The students in Year 9 will sit Checkpoint exams. All will have the opportunity to enjoy additional preparation time for their IGCSEs in specific subjects.


  • smaller groups of max 15 students at the common subjects, allowing for more differentiation
  • earlier IGCSE exams, taken in Year 10 in English, Maths and Sciences, for those who are ready to sit the exams; they will progress to AS in Year 11, a year early if they choose Maths & Sciences, which gives them more time to better prepare for a high difficulty exam
  • those who are not ready to sit exams early, in the summer of Year 10 can sit exams in the Autumn session in Year 11, still having additional available time to prepare for AS from Year 11
  • after sitting 3 IGCSEs either in the summer session in Year 10 or in the Autumn session in Year 11, students are left with only 4 IGCSE exams for the remainder of the subjects, these exams being completed at the end of Year 11. This way students are a0ble to space the preparation for exams over a longer period of time, which ensures better results and better wellbeing as they study and sit the exams.

High school curriculum

New from 2024: Grade 8 and Year 9 integrated into High School

The Romanian Line

follows the Romanian curriculum, enriched with intensive English lessons and all the additional programmes detailed above.

  • Grade 8 (Foundation Year)
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11

The British International Line

At each stage the curriculum gets more and more narrow and specialised. Students have access to a number of tools to help them choose their subjects.

  • Year 9 (Foundation Year)
  • IGCSE Level (Year 10 & Year 11)
  • AS Level (Year 12)
  • A Level (Year 13)

Hybrid High-School Offer

This choice may be appropiate for:

  • students who are currently enrolled in an online school/homeschooling option and want to transition towards more of an in person education
  • students who are professional athletes or artists and need to follow an intensive training program, or need more flexibility
  • students whose families travel for most of the year
  • students who live outside of Cluj or outside of Romania and cannot move, but are able to spend extended periods of time in the area
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