Looking back over the last three decades, we are so grateful to all our friends and to the families who gave us their vote of confidence back in 1993.

Education is a core value for our family. After the Revolution, in the early 1990s, when many of our friends chose to leave the country in order to find better opportunities abroad, we chose to stay in Romania and be pioneers here, at home. We were enthusiastic about creating our own opportunities, which would contribute to changing the country, through education. 

What is now Transylvania College, started as a small kindergarten class in one of the rooms of our two bedroom apartment. The first class had only 12 children and we made our own resources and toys, by hand. At the time it was an act of courage, driven by our passion for educating children in a nurturing environment. We made a difference in the education system in Romania by valuing creativity and aiming for excellence, while also teaching our students to be responsible and to have respect for diversity. As the children grew, so did the school, with many more parents appreciating the way we were doing things. 

Ever since then, Transylvania College has been constantly building a culture of excellence and challenging the status quo in the Romanian education system. 

For the last nine years, as the Director of Transylvania College, our daughter Ruxandra has been continuing our legacy. Together with her team, she has been able to develop a school that has become a model of good practices in education, at the national and international level. We couldn’t be prouder and we are confident that Ruxandra has the motivation, the vision and the expertise to positively impact education in our country. 

Sincerely yours,

Simona and Dan Baciu