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The only BSO-accredited school in the region, offering a complete educational track for 2-18 year olds.

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Our New Offer

This year we are marking a historic moment for Transylvania College. In addition to celebrating 30 years since the first kindergarten group started, we are redefining our why, our purpose and our offer, something we haven't done in over 9 years. In doing this we looked at the parents' fears and problems related to education and parenting in general, and at the children's needs, in every age category. We hope that our New Offer responds closely to all of them. In order to properly mark the moment, we have created a new visual identity, which you can already see here on our homepage. You will also get to discover it in our new offer brochure.

Just a heads-up

Our website is currently being redesigned and rebuilt. There might be specific information that is not yet available on this interim version, however it can be easily provided by a member of our enthusiastic team, so please reach out.